Shanghai Has Not Only Urban Scenery, But Also Refreshing Lakes and Natural Mountains


Speaking of Shanghai, people always think of its cityscape. In fact, there are also refreshing lakes and natural mountains. When you are free, please go to these beautiful lakes for boating, fishing and kite flying, to feel the fun of Shanghai in a different way.

Wishing Star Lake

Wishing Star Lake is a large man-made lake in Shanghai Disney Resort. There are eco-islands and large fountains in the lake and large eco-wetlands and a boardwalk along the lakeshore.

Dishui Lake

There is an O-shaped building in the center of Dishui Lake. The lake got its name because it looks like a drop of water. It is said that the building can rotate by itself and look different at different times.

Jinhai Lake

Jinhai Lake is also known as the Fish of Shanghai. As the second largest man-made lake next only to Dishui Lake in Shanghai, it connects the Huangpu River to the East China Sea. It is the central landscape lake of Nanqiao New Town and the symbol of Fengxian.

Jingtian Lake

Jingtian Lake is a man-made lake in the center of Century Park. Its surface sparkles and ripples. On a clear day, the lake’s surface is as still as a mirror, reflecting the clouds in the sky, so it is named Jingtian Lake (the name means “a mirror reflecting the sky” in Chinese).

Dianshan Lake

Dianshan Lake has a 380m man-made embankment called “Willow Embankment in the Spring Dawn”. There are green willows and red flowers on the embankment, which is opposite the bridge. Beyond the embankment, the water and sky merge in one color, presenting a panoramic view of Dianshan Lake.

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